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In April 1997, a young rabbi named Rabbi Chaim Mordechai (Motti) Fried decided to devote his life to helping those around him. Motti, to all who know him, began visiting the sick and lonely in hospitals and nursing homes while still a Yeshiva student. He immediately noticed that “only the bodies of patients were treated. No one did anything for their spirit and no one ever dreamed of helping their families. Definitely not in any organized fashion that could answer their real-life needs.” This certainly did not sit well with him and Motti was determined to do something about it!


He brought the matter before the Belzer Rebbe of the famous Hasidic dynasty, who told him to follow his heart and dedicate his life to the cause. When he was just 20, Motti established Bikur V’Ezrat Cholim (ביקור ועזרת חולים) – an organization dedicated to helping patients and their families throughout the recovery process. For him, this is not a job, but a calling: “I’ve found my true task in life. Few people could be happier.”



From Humble Beginnings

The first activities of the fledgling organization were special “morale-boosting parties” in hospitals around town. Motti brought friends and relatives and the success was immediate. Next, was the establishment of a free transport service called the “Chesed Line” that takes patients and families to and from hospitals, and eventually the establishment of a fully operational and equipped free medical clinic in Jerusalem. The clinic is run by doctors and is open on public and religious holidays, when everything else is closed.



Present and Future

Today, the organization, now called Saad V’Marpe (סעד ומרפא – Relief and Healing), comprises over 700 extremely devoted and caring volunteers from all walks of life. These selfless individuals are part of what Motti describes as “an empire of kindness and care.” They proudly assist the people of Israel across all spectrums — religious and secular; chareidi and dati leumi; men, women and children. If there’s a person in need, our volunteers are there to help!


The “empire” receives thousands of calls a week from people requesting assistance; manages hundreds of patients’ cases; feeds thousdands of families a year; transports tens of thousands of patients and families to and from hospitals a year, day and night; provides hundreds of hard-to-get medications to the needy; distributes hundreds of units of blood from the organization’s blood bank account; loans families countless numbers of mobile phones each month and various types of medical equipment; and offers crucial country-wide support to our soldiers and their families, as well as to all citizens, in times of military conflict and states of emergency.


Yet, despite all of these undertakings and achievments, the need is ever-growing. As Motti says, “We’re just beginning to answer the needs of the needy.” This is precisely why we need YOUR help. Please partner with us – consider helping sponsor one of our programs. Donate here via our fully secure site. Thanks!


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Memories that will last a lifetime


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