Camps & Activities for Special Needs Children

Our teams of volunteers run exciting programs for children with special needs from all sectors of Israel. We host regular weekend getaways and exciting camp adventures at our beautiful facilities in both the north and south of the country

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Emergency Relief & Medical Assistance

Israel is a small country in which its people must rely on each other. We step in and assist whenever people need a hand — food packages, blood drives, community Bomb Shelter entertainment, etc. See a video sample of us in action.

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Hospital & Nursing Home Programming

Our energetic volunteers travel around Israel to bring live music and smiles to hundreds of hospital and nursing home patients. We help them relax and join in with the holiday celebrations. Check out our latest video for a peak at our programming.

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Sponsor a Special Needs Child!

With your donation, you can sponsor a child with special needs to go to a camp retreat. We give hundreds of children in Israel (and their families) a bit of respite. Our camps are run by a well-trained staff of volunteers. We need YOUR help!

Summer Camp for Children With Special Needs 2019

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The dedicated volunteers of Saad V’Marpe / Bikur V’Ezrat Cholim ran a special summer camp getaway for children with special needs. The smiles on these special children’s faces speak volumes! Video and pictures below. Please remember that it’s only with your help, our wonderful donors, that we are able to run our programming. You can make a tax-deductible donation here. סעד ומרפא



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